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Hispanic Pastors Welcome New Channel at Comcast/TBN Enlace USA Event

Chicago pastors participated in filming commercials promoting TBN Enlace to be aired on local Comcast Cable.

Dozens of Hispanic pastors recently joined representatives from Comcast Cable and TBN to celebrate the launch of TBN Enlace USA in the Chicago area. The pastors gave an enthusiastic reception to TBN Enlace’s inclusion in the ‘Selecto Completo’ Comcast cable package now available to the thousands of Latino families living in and around Chicago.

“I believe we need this channel to deliver the very important message that biblical principles can improve our thinking and our way of living,” said local pastor Erwin Carrera, adding, “Everybody has the right to live a better life, and that is why the channel needs to be available to the Hispanic population.”

Carlos Morales, Comcast’s Hispanic Marketing Manager, agreed. “We saw the necessity (for TBN Enlace USA) in Chicago, especially with Latino families comprising one of the fastest-growing segments of the population. There are two million Latinos here and their strong faith has encouraged us to provide Christian programming,” he said, noting that Comcast has plans to make TBN Enlace available throughout the state of Illinois by next year.

The day’s events included a complimentary luncheon for the pastors; a raffle for two six- month free subscriptions to Comcast digital cable, courtesy of Comcast and a drawing for a free HD television set, provided by TBN Enlace. Several pastors also participated in the taping of commercials promoting TBN Enlace that will be shown on local Comcast channels.

Carlos Morales, Hispanic Marketing Manager for Comcast, congratulates one of the two pastors who won six months of free Comcast digital cable service in the luncheon raffle.

TBN Enlace USA is the result of a partnership between Enlace, the largest faith-based channel in Latin America, and TBN, the largest and most-watched faith-based channel in America. The channel carries a variety of family-friendly, faith-based programs from a dozen Latin American nations, as well as the best American faith programs translated into Spanish.

With a combination of children’s programs, music videos, church services, woman’s programs and exclusive concerts and conferences often aired from Mexico and other Latin American nations, TBN Enlace offers a safe haven from the explicit content often seen on other networks. “It’s important that our Hispanic viewers know that an alternative exists for those interested in family entertainment on television,” said Jonas Gonzalez, president of TBN Enlace.

A powerhouse for the production and distribution of Hispanic faith-based programming, TBN Enlace currently features more than eighty exclusive and original programs every week. It’s carried in more than 3,800 markets worldwide and reaches the main continents of the world through 66 satellites and more than 15,000 television and cable affiliates.

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